March 02, 2008

I bid this church the blessing of Jesus. God Bless!!!!!!

February 13, 2008

~Love Letter to God (Happy Valentine's Day)

~GOD...............We began our relationship with nothing but my fears on the table and I fell deeply in love with you. Never before, has anyone taken my heart from under me in such a profound way. I find it hard to breath without gasping for you. I strive for peace and quiet, yet, fall short as I hear nothing but your sweet voice in my head. I try concentrating on my everyday mundane chores throughout the day, but get swept up in daydreams of seeing you. Initially, I had not set out to find love on those fateful nights, yet, there you were with open arms full of hugs that grace the heavens. You have searched me and loved me seeing only the true holiness graced upon me by your sacrifice. You know my fears and save my tears as you agonize in my pain. My sorrow is yours to bear and my joy is yours to rejoice in. How I long for your embrace, my Lord. You are the answer to everything I have wept for. You fill my days with the splendor of your bouquets that sweep the fields and spoil me with the sweets that savor of joy in my children. You have embraced me through my trials and wept with me through the storms. You promise to love, honor and cherish me through eternity. Not till death do us part, yet, through death do us fulfill the wedding feast of eternal, blissful marriage. What more can I ask for in a groom. You are my all. Jesus, I love you. Forgive me. I am eternally yours. ..............Nataly ....................................~Nataly.........................I understand that you have legitimate fears and I want nothing more than to make sure that you have all the time that you need to feel secure with me. I need you to understand that I, too, have a heart that can be broken. Remember that when you find the peace within you. Please, remember that I want your happiness before mine. I will wait for you as long as you need. I love you. These are not the words that have been cheapened by the masses on Valentine's Day. The original feelings behind the holiday, long before it was ever boxed and mass produced, those are what dwell within me for you. I offer you more than a box of chocolates. I offer you my life and my kingdom. Be my bride and let me show you what true love is all about. You are my love and I will always honor and care for you. You will never be alone, again. This, I promise you, my child. When you find yourself needing my touch, reach out to your fellow sisters and brothers. They make up my body. Their hug is my hug. When you find yourself seeking my voice, open the book. Hear me. I will never forsake you. I am with you always...........GOD